Peru BrandJaime Olivares
Software Architect
C# & C++ Senior Developer

Jaime Olivares

Computer Electronics Professional, located at Piura - Peru.

Software Architect and Senior Windows C++ & C# developer with experience in many other programming languages, platforms and application areas including communications, simulation systems, graphics, naval electronics, healthcare (DICOM, HL7), hardware interfacing and embedded/mobile applications.

Experience leading teams of 10+ junior and senior developers in both on-site and remote modalities.

More than 20 years programming for PC/Windows environment. Worked in software development projects for customers worldwide.

Currently intensively working with Visual C# 2012 and Team Foundation Server.

"You have a choice: you can either create your own future, or you can become the victim of a future that someone else creates for you. By seizing the transformation opportunities, you are seizing the opportunity to create your own future."
--Vice Admiral US Navy Arthur Cebrowski


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